Sunday, February 7, 2010

A warm welcome for the cold-blooded

Hello, and welcome to my blog. Here you will find regular posts about issues in the herp world and in my world working with reptiles, amphibians, and other fascinating creatures.

I plan on blogging about issues important to me and other keepers, field herpers, the latest research in herpetology and other realms of the bizarre animalia. I'll also be blogging about.. pretty much anything else that interests me.

Snakes use their tongues to gather information about the environment surrounding them, which is interpreted through their unique nervous system. In this way, I'll be gathering information on various topics, which may be consumed to gather a clearer image of the bigger picture of the world, in which we live--the human habitat and our interaction with beast and man.

Please, subscribe, add to your Bookmarks/Favorites, and visit back often to see what's new.

I'm eager to get started, so away we go.

Welcome to The Serpent's Tongue.

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