Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Reptile and Bug Lovers Convene in Concord, Ca

The California Reptile & Invertebrate Society (CRIS) will be holding its first public meeting in Concord on Saturday, February 20, 2010. One of the many rewards of belonging to, and helping organize this club, is the variety of reptile and invertebrate lovers I get to meet. My favorite thing about it is gathering with members for activities and events, like this upcoming meeting. Present will be individuals including keepers, field herpers, bug hobbyists, and members of other herpetological societies and groups; all uniting in one place to be among others who share their affinity for a group of often misunderstood creatures. In addition to being among like-minds, CRIS members are excited to be sharing these exotic snakes, lizards, tarantulas, scorpions, geckos, tortoises, and other animals, with the public.

We will be pleased to have, with us, experts and hobbyists answering questions and sharing their knowledge with members of the community who attend this event.

While around the world, and on television and film, reptiles are so often put on display with the goal of shocking audiences, it is exciting to see so many people ready to dispel myths and share an appreciation for animals far too often falsely portrayed as beasts that are to be feared and eliminated. CRIS's message will be one communicated through allowing attendees to (should they choose to do so) get up close and even touch many of the reptiles on display. This experience is often enough to quickly dispel long-carried fears and misconceptions. In return, reptile-lovers enjoy knowing they've communicated their valuable conservation message.

The event is FREE to the public, and families, scout groups, and the curious are all welcome and encouraged to attend.

I hope you'll join us!

(click on image to see the flyer)

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