Thursday, February 18, 2010

Calcium Sand Substrates: My Review

They are useless.

Go to a PetCo or other chain store that sells reptiles, and ask a staff member what substrate you should use for a bearded dragon or leopard gecko. The worker will invariably tell you to use a calci-sand, Bone-Aid, or a similar substrate. Look in the cages on display, and you'll find they keep their own animals on such products. You'll usually see a large selection of sand substrates available in the stores.

The selling points behind these substrates are:

1. Your Gecko/lizards needs calcium and may benefit from occasionally ingesting the sand


2. The sand won't cause impactions

The problem is...

1. Your gecko/lizard should be getting its calcium from its diet and supplements.


2. The sand CAN and DOES cause impactions.


I honestly don't know why companies manufacture these products and stay in business.

Caci-Sand, Bone-Aid, and all the other sand substrates available are useless, and I do not recommend they be used. 

You have a leopard gecko? Use paper towels. 

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  1. The same reason pet stores carry cedar chips for small animals: people buy it.